About Porad



Suzhou Porad Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader in providing complete sets of solutions for laser intelligent equipment. The company adheres to the concept of scientific and technological innovation to meet the intelligent needs of laser equipment integrators.We have a strong research & development team that has won a number of national patents, and we have a strong after-sales service team to provide strong services for the transformation and upgrading of China wanwatt laser intelligent manufacturing. 

Suzhou Porad automation technology co., LTD., products are originally imported materials, we are a domestic high-end, technical research and development company, the introduction of foreign high-end technology, committed to build well-known brand at home and abroad, to import quality, domestic price benefit all domestic enterprises, provide convenience for the people, this is the core concept of our company.

The laser head tool products of Porad brand have proved their reliability and stability, and win the trust of the market.Sangu Company has established a strategic partnership with Porad company, we will deliver the complete laser application solution together!